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A button is stuck or non responsive (power, vol+, vol-)

Please contact your nearest eSTAR customer service center.

  • It is a mechanical damage therefore the customer pays for the repair of the device. 

The charger doesn`t charge my device

  1. The problem might be the charging cable/adapter or the USB port has been broken;
  2. Please contact the nearest eSTAR customer service centre;
  3. If the problem is with the charger adapter, the service will replace it for free. If the USB port has been broken the customer is liable for it and thus will have to pay for the replacement.

I want to root my device, can you provide ROM?

  1. Rooting your device will void your warranty.
  2. eSTAR doesn`t provide ROM to its customers.
  3. eSTAR software suite programs are designed just for authorized eSTAR services.

Facebook doesn’t work on my device

Download and install Facebook Lite application or other third party Facebook application.