eSTAR Dual Striker-11

With eSTAR DUAL STRIKER 11 battle drone set you can involve your friends and family into the thrilling world of drone battles! They are equipped with special infrared light beams that you can shoot from one drone at another. If you hit the target successfully, the drone will wobble in the air and after three hits the drone slowly goes down. Each of the drones have 3 lives – when one of them goes down, a new battle begins!

Battle your friends in the air

Battle Your Friends In The Air

The drones are both equipped with infrared light "guns" and infrared "targets". In order to strike at your opponent, you have to position your drone in the air and press a button to shoot the light… if you hit the target successfully it will wobble in the air and after the third strike your enemy will lose control of their drone and will have to watch it go down. Once the drone goes down, you can immediately fly up and continue the battle with your lives replenished! 

Dual Striker 11 Two drones two controllers bandymas2

Two Drones and Two Controllers

Everything needed for the exciting duel is packed in the same compact box: two battle drones with two separate controllers and two separate chargers to get you ready for the battle of the lifetime. You only need one purchase and a friend!

Comfortable package1

Comfortable Package

Both drones, their controllers and chargers fit comfortably in a single plastic case. You can easily carry them around in your backpack of your purse and not have to worry about damaging the drones. 

Features that help you fly

Features That Help You Fly

These drones are made with many special flight features to make sure that both a beginner and a professional drone flyer could enjoy their time playing. These features include 6-axis gyro stabilizer, altitude hold mode, the headless mode and 3 speed levels

eSTAR Dual Striker-11