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eSTAR Sound Beat Bluetooth Speaker

They may be small and compact, but eSTAR Sound Beat Bluetooth Speaker’s play your music loud and clear. Now, you can experience good quality sound anywhere, anytime, regardless of whether you are at the beach or camping with your friends! Try them, you will be surprised!

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Always have music with you

The stylish eSTAR Sound Beat Bluetooth Speaker weigh only 216g. They are handy to carry alongside your music-playing device as they are small enough to fit inside your handbag! The speakers work via Bluetooth, which ensures the operation of the device up to 10 meters from the main unit. Therefore, along with your phone or MP3 player, you can always have them with you – no cables, no bulky speaker unit, no stress!

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Small Yet Powerful

The eSTAR Sound Beat Bluetooth Speaker boast more than 80 decibels of high quality, clear sound. 80 decibels is almost equivalent to the sound induced by a sports car.

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Charging and Cables

The eSTAR Sound Beat Bluetooth Speaker’s have up to 5 hours of playing time, so don’t worry about your speakers stopping to play just before your favorite song, just remember to charge them before you leave the house and you will have ample time to play all of your favorite tracks. The speakers are charged via a USB cable, so even whilst recharging, you can still listen to music. Inside the eSTAR Beat Sound Bluetooth Speaker package you will find a 3.5 mm audio cable.

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eSTAR Sound Beat Bluetooth Speaker