eSTAR Rocket-30 HD FPV

eSTAR Rocket 30 HD FPV drone is eSTAR‘s first foldable drone! This design makes the drone compact and therefore easy to carry around without having to worry about damaging it. However, the new design is not all which makes this a stand out drone – it also has a high quality WiFi HD camera with tilt control and automatic altitude hold, which both assure better pictures and videos. It is also packed with various flight modes, which make flying this drone pure joy. All in all, this is a drone which provides great pictures, is easy to fly and simple to carry around.

ROCKET 30 HD FPV with shadow

Size and Design

eSTAR Rocket-30 HD FPV drone has a wingspan of 30 cm and weights 165 grams so it can withstand harsher weather conditions. 6 axis gyro stabilization function guarantees a smoother flight and easier control. The best part about the drone is that it is foldable - just push down the propellers and carry it around with ease.

The drone also has FPV (First Person View) function so you can watch the flight of the drone in real time – with the help of a mobile app, you can see the view from the drone’s camera on your smartphone’s screen. The drone’s 720p HD camera assures HD quality pictures and video.



Controlling the eSTAR Rocket-30 HD FPV drone is simple and extremely pleasurable thanks to the lightweight controller.

It also has an integrated smartphone holster, so you can watch the drone’s flight in real time comfortably.

ROCKET 30 HD FPV Battery ico

Flight details

eSTAR Rocket-30 HD FPV drone was designed for a longer flight time. The drone has a rechargeable 900 mAh lithium battery which allows the drone to fly for up to 7-8 minutes.

The flight distance of the drone is 100 meters depending on the weather conditions – which means that you will easily take pictures not only of yourself, but of your surroundings too!


Unique Design

Folding design makes the drone compact and simple to take it anywhere without the fear of breaking it.


High quality WiFi HD camera has tilt control with the remote control. This function makes sure that your videos and picture are more accurate and easier to take. 

Flight Modes

One key take –off and landing, automatic altitude hold for very easy handling and more accurate and stable photo and video shooting, infra red close distance obstacle avoidance function provides additional safety features when flying indoor, automatic protection shut off at high inclination angles off adds more safety to the pilot and accompanying persons and surroundings when landing, headless mode and calibration adjustment functions provide the new model with a much greater flying the “eye in the sky” experience.

Rocket features

eSTAR Rocket-30 HD FPV