eSTAR E-WRITERS come in different designs and are perfect tools for learning or just having fun. The LCD display allows you to write and draw on it and when you're done the display can be wiped clean with a single push of a button. The pen has its own holder on the product so that you won't lose it when you take the E-WRITER with you.

eSTAR eWriter with kids 1

No Paper Needed - Fun and Easy

The E-WRITERs are perfect for kids, because you don't need to carry around paper and pens, all you need is just this one product. Children can have endless hours drawing and writing, cleaning the screen with just a single push of a button

eSTAR eWriter 3 colors

Choose From Different Designs

You can choose from three different designs to find the E-WRITER which best suits your child's personality. Pink Bunny is a perfect companion for anyone who dreams of princesses and castles and the Blue Bunny suits those who love race cars and action figures. The Frog is great for kids who love to laugh and play! 

eSTAR eWriter Frog with kids 1

Colorful and Exciting

The E-WRITERS are in vibrant colors so they will definitely attract the attention of children of all ages. They can be used for drawing and letting the imagination go wild, or for learning letters and numbers. 

eSTAR eWriter on the freezer 1

Hang It On Metal Surfaces

Both the Blue and Pink Bunnies can be hung on metal surfaces such as refrigerators and door handles. All you have to do is place the pen in its holder with the magnet facing out and you can leave notes and messages which will be easy to notice and fun to read.