eSTAR A18 Dual SIM feature phone is designed for those who are looking for a quality phone with basic functions for a good price. This phone is small and comfortably fitting in an average pocket, yet with it you will be able to not only call and send text messages, but also listen to the radio, surf the internet and use mobile apps. Dual SIM support makes sure that you will be easy to reach anywhere!

T20 Display size


eSTAR T20 has a bright 2.0 inch TFT technology QVGA 320x240 pixel screen. The most essential mobile apps are displayed directly on the screen, so they can be easily found without having to look hard through the phone menu.

T20 Size

Small and Comfortable

This feature phone is almost the same size as an average credit card! Weighing only 90 grams, 119,5 mm in length and 49,6 mm width it will fit into any pocket. The phone has touch panel buttons which looks very modern and stylish.

expendable storage ico
Micro SD

eSTAR T20 feature phone’s memory can be easily expanded with a Micro SD card. If you need to save more applications, contacts or other important information you can expand the phone’s memory up to 8 GB.

dual sim ico
Dual SIM Card Capability

eSTAR T20 can hold two SIM cards at the same time. This gives you the advantage of having access to two network providers, without having to change the SIM card or phones. It will be easy to reach you anywhere and you will never again miss an important call.

Built In Bluetooth ico

This phone comes with all of the most important features for your comfort. With built-in Bluetooth you will be able to easily transfer important data to another device. All of the essential mobile applications can be easily found already installed on the device.

FM radio ico
FM radio

You can listen to FM radio whenever you feel like it.

T20 features