eSTAR introduces a new model for the Senior phones product line. This is a phone which has been specifically designed for seniors, so that they could connect with their loved ones in a simple way. There are special features which make the phone not only easy to use, but also almost essentially to have - features such as the SOS button. You can choose from two colours - simple black or bright red.

S20 Red Front+ approved maltieciai

Caring for the Elderly

eSTAR has partnered with the Order of Malta in Lithuania to help one of the most vulnerable members of society – the elderly. Senior phones were distributed to those who live in remote areas or find it hard to leave their home. It is great to hear how the contribution has helped some of the elderly in their daily lives and you can read more about it here

S20 Black Dock Charger

Convenient Charging

Never lose your phone again with the comfortable dock charger! While the phone is mobile and can go with you wherever you want, at home it can have it's very own place, so you can always find it easily. Place the dock charger nearby an electrical socket and when the phone's battery is low, just plug the dock into the socket and go on about your day with no worries.

S20 Red Size 2

SOS Button

One of the main features of the eSTAR S20 senior phone is the integrated SOS button. After pressing the button for a couple of seconds, the phone starts immediately calling an emergency number and the speakers on the phone are activated. The phone calls the number three times or until the call is picked up. Alternatively, it is possible to enter up to 5 contacts into the phone and pressing the SOS button would immediately start calling those numbers and sending a message. Each number is contacted three times, or until someone answers the call.

S20 Black Size

Small Phone - Big Buttons

eSTAR S20 is a compact and small phone, with a smooth, rounded shape. It fits very comfortably in any pocket and can be carried around. Thanks to it's design, it is impossible to dial any number whole the phone is closed. However, the buttons on the phone are extra big, therefore the phone is easy to handle and the numbers are simple to dial.

SOS button

Always feel safe with the big SOS button on your phone. It is hard to press it by accident due to the indentation on the phone, however if you need it, just hold it pressed for a couple of seconds and the emergency will be contacted.

Loud Sound

The phone comes with the speakers pre-set on loud. This means that from the moment the phone is turned on, every sound will be loud and easy to hear.

Easy to Understand

The phone's menu is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible. There is no need to shift through multiple apps to find what you need, because it is all right there in the menu. S20 also has a function which reads the numbers you write on the screen in your language.

S20 Red features