eSTAR T2 517

eSTAR T2 517 Set-top box with its sleek design is a perfect choice for any household. This device will give you the possibility to watch the latest programs and movies that your broadcaster offers. You can also use the Set-top box as an entertainment centre and watch movies on your TV directly from your hard drive.

T2 517 HD USB PVR design housing

eSTAR T2 517 Set-top Box Classy Design

The eSTAR T2-517 Set-top box is light and small, therefore it can be placed on any surface, be it wood or glass. Its sleek, classy design and black housing makes it a perfect fit in any bedroom or living room. The Set-top box comes with an HDMI and USB ports; therefore, all of your plug and play devices, whether it’s an HDD or USB stick, will work with this STB.

T2 517 HD USB PVR with ico

High Definition Full HD 1080p Video Quality

eSTAR T2-517 UHD Set-top box supports the highest video quality that your broadcaster can offer. You can be rest assured that any channel you watch will be in the best possible definition and the picture on HD channels will be especially crisp and clear. To top it off, using the integrated Media Player you can watch movies or videos from your HDD or USB stick in Full HD 1080p resolution.

Multilingual OSD

Using the eSTAR T2-517 Set-top box is simple and easy, because the Set-Top box menu is in your language. This means that the interface is extremely user friendly and you will have no problems finding the right channel or changing the settings to best suit your needs.

Latest Signal Standards

This Set-top box has MPEG4 AVC and DVB T2/T signal standards, which are currently the main standards in majority of European countries. It means that with this Set-top box you will be able to enjoy the best possible quality of products that your broadcaster offers.

Media Player

Integrated media player turns your eSTAR T2-517 Set-top box into a top-notch entertainment center. You can connect your own hard drive to the product and with ease watch movies, preview videos, listen to music or look at the photos from your holidays with your friends. No additional cables are required which makes the whole experience enjoyable – just plug your hard drive in, turn the Set-top box on and relax.

eSTAR T2 517