eSTAR BEAUTY 2 HD Quad Core is a small, lightweight tablet with a 7-inch screen. It was designed for people who like getting the most for their money. Now you can choose from four colors – white, red, blue, purple and gold!

BEAUTY 2 HD Quad core Purple MID 7378P Housing

eSTAR Beauty 2 HD Quad Core tablets are small, colourful and perfect to carry around. They are only 10,5 mm thick and weight just 284 g, so they will easily fit in any backpack or purse and won't be a burden to carry around. The four different colours and the plastic housing make the tablet a real joy to hold in hands.

BEAUTY 2 HD Quad core Red MID 7378R With ico

eSTAR BEAUTY 2 HD Quad Core has a 7 inch HD screen, which is great for playing games and carrying the tablet around. Its resolution is enough to display various apps and yet it is bigger than a smartphone, so games can be enjoyed more thoroughly.

7 display width ico
Colourful and Fun

Choose your favorite from four colours - blue, white, red purple and gold. Now your tablet can be bright and stand out from all the other tablets with a colour that you like the most. The tablets have 7" screen, which is great for playing games and using various apps.

wireless connection ico
Simple Internet

The tablets have a simple yet efficient WiFi connection. This makes surfing the web or downloading various apps easy and convenient.

Long Battery Life

Smooth, uninterrupted work is guaranteed by the tablet’s 2400 mAh battery that will allow you to actively play games throughout the day.

micro usb ico
Easy To Connect

You can use the Micro USB port to easily connect to other devices.

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