May 5, 2023

How eSTAR S17 phone helped rescue an elderly woman lost in the woods

An eSTAR S17 phone with safety features is a device that any elderly person should consider having. Accidents can happen to anyone, and it's important to have the necessary tools to minimize the risk of an incident. 
March 31, 2023

How to charge your phone to maximize its longevity

Do you want to charge your battery with no harm? Check this article, and you'll learn how to maximize your phone's battery longevity with our golden tips.
March 16, 2023
eSTAR rugged phone

The benefits of a rugged phone: durability and reliability in demanding conditions 

Learn more about rugged phones: their features, benefits, and in which situations they are a good fit. Also, meet eSTAR ROCK: the best rugged phone!
February 9, 2023
mobile phone waste

How long does a mobile phone last? 4 tips to maximize its lifespan and prevent e-waste!

Electronic waste is a global problem. With the constant development of technology and the fast-paced nature of our society's consumerism habits, the constant exchange of electronic products, such as mobile phones, has become a reality, as well as e-waste. 
January 27, 2023
are mobile phones dangerous

Are mobile phones dangerous? Facts and myths about phone radiation

How dangerous are phones? Is their radiation harmful? Can we sleep with them under the pillow? We’ll answer these and teach you how to use your phone more healthily.
December 6, 2022
spam calls and text messages

How To Recognize Spam Sales Calls and Text Messages

We all know the feeling of receiving an unsolicited sales call or text message. Whether it's a friendly voice on the other end or a robotic one, it can be annoying and time-consuming. 
March 29, 2022

The best mobile phones for the elderly

The mobile phones industry has had immense growth over the past few years. According to Statista, in 2010 296.55 million phones were sold worldwide, and this […]
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